Coastal Cottage Beach

The beach above the medium water line is similar to Parlee for approximately 30′ – 60′ beyond the seashore. The sand below this waterline is less granular but still firm enough to walk on with out any mud. At high tide there is 3′ of water at 80- 150′ off shore and 4′ of water at 170 – 200′ off shore. The bottom is silty sand with out weeds for approximately the first 170 feet out.

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By Moncton, on Trans Canada Rte 102 take Exit 467B (North/ East). Drive 12 Minutes on Rte #15, take exit 31B (North) at Shédiac. Drive 9 minutes on Rte #11 to Cocagne take exit 15. On the exit 15 ramp turn right (east Rte 535). Drive 2. Km to the next stop sign. Drive straight across the street, our private road “Rue Acadie” is 500′ to the right (south). Welcome!