We have several cottages for sale in Cocagne, greater Shediac & Moncton NB.

Our homes have proven themselves to be great investments in 4 key areas:

#1 Rental Income:
With the average gross income at $22,000.00 – $27,000.00 per year, owning and renting one of our Beach Houses can be a return on investment well over 15%. In fact homes can pay themselves within 12 years.

#2 Increasing Value:
Three items in particular provide for a strong growth in these particular property values.

  • The retiring demographic wishing to downsize. The 50+ buyers want to move to the coast many of which are returning from large cities such as Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal etc.
  • The recent election of Mayor and council and the municipal type development and resource which are underway to make the community more inviting and appealing.
  • New 4 lane highway: The current infrastructure completing the new 4 lane highway from Bouctouche to Moncton. 

#3 Natural Storm Erosion Avoidance
Not a topic sales people bring up. It’s crucial and were in a very safe place. Our natural location in the harbour shelters us from wave action and even more so since the land faces south. North-east winds are to the rear and East of the waterfront. Problem properties typically face north, In addition our buildings are at a high elevation, between 11’ and 13` feet above the high water mark.

Our homes and community have been recognized by a number of magazines and news companies.

Our designs are featured in the New Brunswick History of Architecture. We have a long history of successful sales, and renting. We can assist any purchaser with the renting and management of their Beach House.

Please call us for more info, we can also discuss a number of very innovative concepts to assist you in affordable ownership.


Kim 1-866-307-7070 or 506-875-3996
Looking for a cottage for sale in Shediac NB. area? Give us a call, find out about our rental program, our environmentally sensitive developments and our innovations in feasible property investing opportunities.